Big12 Lacrosse and ML8 Events partner with Hershey United Lacrosse Association to Deliver Hershey…

Big12 Lacrosse and ML8 Events partner with Hershey United Lacrosse Association to Deliver Hershey Youth Challenge

July 22 & 23, 2017 — Hershey High School Complex

Big12 Lacrosse and ML8 Events are proud to announce a partnership with Hershey United Lacrosse Association (HULA) to deliver the Hershey Youth Challenge.

Big12 and ML8 Events, have built national reputations for delivering some of the countries most recognized and attended recruiting based tournaments. Both event organizations are leveraging that experience to deliver a fun and competitive youth event in Hershey, PA (near Hershey Park) for 2025, 2024, 2023, 2022, and 2021 teams in mid-July.

The event will offer A and B divisions, under a championship style tournament structure and is now open to club programs interested in a fun and competitive event run by two of the nations’ best lacrosse-based event organizations. The event will be held at an excellent complex directly adjacent to Hershey Park.

“Youth lacrosse events have gone either in the direction of being overly competitive, or too full of fun, with little detail into the divisions and organization of the event. We have had a long-standing and productive relationship with Ml8 Events and our partnership with HULA has everything to do about providing club lacrosse programs an exceptional organized and well run lacrosse event platform, in an environment that delivers the most productive level of competition where players can compete and also have fun during the summer months,” says Kevin Mayer, Executive Director Big12 Lacrosse Events/Rock Lacrosse.

“Many club programs have a hard time finding a good fit with Summer events for their younger teams. They are looking for events that bring a level of organization and competition that delivers a positive experience, where players can compete but also have fun while playing lacrosse at a great destination,” says Chelsea Henderson, Director of Operations ML8 events”, when Big12 approached us about teaming to do an event in Hershey is was a no-brainer. Both of our organizations have built solid tournament programs and combining our efforts between the NY and the Mid-Atlantic region made sense.”

Hershey Youth Challenge ( is currently accepting registrations for interested programs. Visit the HYC website to inquire about registering your teams.

Kevin Mayer

Executive Director

Big12 Lacrosse Events/Rock Lacrosse

cell: 443–813–1084

Chelsea Henderson

Director of Operations

ML8 Events

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