The only thing Plainedge (N.Y.) senior defenseman/long-stick midfielder Tyler Senerchia was focused on during the offseason was getting in the best shape he could be in when the first whistle blew to start is final high school lacrosse season.

Senerchia was in the gym five days a week, building up muscle. Plus working on fundamentals with the great George Powers on Long Island.

The Bucknell University commit is a ground ball machine. Last season Senerchia scooped up 157 gb’s and he scored 5 goals. So far after three games in 2017 for Plainedge he has 38 ground balls and 33 caused turnovers.

TopLaxRecruits caught up with Tyler to get his thoughts on the upcoming season. And what the game of lacrosse means to him:

TopLaxRecruits: What did you do during to offseason to get ready for the spring?

Tyler Senerchia: I trained very much this off season to get ready for my senior year. I was in the gym at least 5 days a week lifting. Along with that I trained every week with a small group of players from my previous club team with Coach George Powers.

TLR: How much does the game of lacrosse mean to you?

TS: It means almost everything to me at this point in my life. All of the years training, working and making sacrifices has made me have an extreme passion for the game. I’ve put so much into this game, and it has given a lot back to me in return.

TLR: How long have you been playing lacrosse?

TS: I started playing the summer going into 6th grade. The first person who ever taught me to catch and throw was actually Coach Mike Chanenchuk Sr.

TLR: What motivates you to be a better player?

TS: My main motivation to get better is everyone who has ever doubted me. Every single time I step onto the field I make sure to prove each of them wrong. I don’t forget about these people and I keep them in my mind every time i play and train.

TLR: What did you love about Bucknell?

TS: There’s not much to not like about Bucknell honestly. The campus is beautiful, the academics are second to none as well as the rich lacrosse tradition. The balance of academics, athletics and social life was perfect to me. I committed to Bucknell very early on and have really built a great relationship with Coach Fedorjaka and Coach Conner and i look forward to getting to know Coach Small. I’m very excited to play for these men.

TLR: How does the team look this season at Plainedge? What are your senior goals?

TS: I believe our team will be much improved from last season. We were a very young team last year. We have a new coaching staff this year and they are absolutely awesome. Great coaches with tons of experience, along with being really good people. They have united our team so much and i believe they have the potential to really build a serious program here. We play a very blue collar and scrappy style of lacrosse. Our team has a very good outlook on the season. My goals for the year is to have a winning season with a solid run to the county championship. I believe we are 100% capable of this.

TLR: How did you get the name Gooch?

TS: The nickname “Gooch” actually is short for Gucci. Back in middle school, i always had the some of the nicest cleats, gear and clothes so my teammates called me different nicknames of designers but eventually “Gucci” got shortened to “Gooch” and just kind of stuck since then.

TLR: Who are some of players (college or pro) that you look up to?

TS: One of the main players i look up to, being a defensive player, is Tucker Durkin. I had the opportunity to work with him for the past two years at Project 9. I learned so much from him and he gave me a lot of advice that has helped me improve as a player. I also look up very much to Alex Spring who graduated from Bucknell last year. His success and accolades as a Bison LSM is so impressive and inspires me. I have been told that him and I have many similarities in play which is very flattering. I look up to my future Bucknell teammate and current LSM and captain, Matt Gilray as well. I have immense respect for him and am excited to play with him along with the rest of the stacked defense. Last but not least of players I really look up to is Paul Rabil. I have had the opportunity to learn from him as well the past two years at Project 9. He is the best player there is and his work ethic is absolutely unbelievable, which is something that really drives me.

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