**** For Immediate Release ****

**** For Immediate Release ****

Date: May 4, 2017

Big12 Lacrosse Summer Invitational

Individual Showcase

Moves to Homewood Field on the Campus of Johns Hopkins University

Big12 Lacrosse Events is excited to announce that our Summer Invitational Individual Showcase on Friday June 16th is now being held at Homewood Field on the Campus of Johns Hopkins University.

Big12 Lacrosse Summer Invitational, directed by Big12 Lacrosse Events, one of the nations premier fall and summer recruiting lacrosse tournament and showcase entities, will host an individual showcase on Friday June 16, 2017 at Homewood Field on the campus of Johns Hopkins University.

Big12 Summer Invitational Tournament will remain at Blandair Park on June 17–18, only the individual showcase will take place at Homewood Field.

Big12 Summer Invitational Individual Showcase will be open to all participating tournament club players in addition to players not attending the event with their clubs, specifically players interested in augmenting their summer exposure via the Big12 individual showcase platform.

Individual Showcase will host 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018 Divisions. There will be a 40 player cap per division, limiting roster sizes to levels that will maximize the impact of the IS clinic and showcase games.

IS will include a 120 minute skills preparation clinic, directed by members of the NCAA coaching community, followed by 2 showcase games in each division. NCAA coaches working the event and members of the NCAA coaching community interested in evaluating talent at be in attendance for IS showcase games.

Individual Showcase Games on June 16 will be played on Homewood Field and the adjacent turf practice field at Homewood, providing maximum accessibility for NCAA coaches in attendance for the Individual Showcase event.

To inquire about the Big12Lacrosse Summer Invitational Individual Showcase, visit the Big12 Lacrosse Events website, http://www.big12lacorsse-events.com.

To submit a registration for the Big12 Lacrosse Summer Invitational Individual Showcase please click the registration link below.

Big12 Summer Individual Showcase Registration Link


Big12 Lacrosse Events

10807 Falls Rd

Box #542

Brooklandville, MD 21022


Kevin Mayer

Executive Director-Big12 Lacrosse Events


cell: 443–813–108

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