The Players That Shined at the D3 Prospect Day

The Players That Shined at the D3 Prospect Day (No particular order)

Logan Feuer, Quince Orchard (MD), 2019, D : Feuer moved well on close defense and also on midfield. The long pole moves the ball well and is alert to where the ball is at all times.

Ryan Sisitki, Midland (MI), 2019, M : Sisitki impressed the coaches on hand with his shooting and fundamentals. Good lax I.Q. And the Juiced Cherries club member had a couple good shots on goal.

Ryan Sisitki

Mike Zavaglia, Morris Knolls (NJ), 2020, A : The sophomore attackman has good feel of what he’s doing when he has the ball. Sharp stick skills. Never gives up on the ride during the defense clearing.

Austin Novick, Central Bucks South (Pa), 2019, M : Novick worked very well at both ends of the field. Good defense. Another player with good field sense and some good dodges.

Jackson Campbell, Great Valley (Pa.), 2019, G : Campbell made some difficult saves in the games. Good high to low saves. Is talkative with his defenders. Will be a good pickup for any school looking for a dependable and smart goalie.

Rashaan Evans, Parkside (Pa.), 2018, M : Evans is a slick midfielder with great wheels and he moves with the ball well. Made a couple kids miss on his dodges to the goal. One of the best seniors at the event. Tons of potential.

Edward Pope, McDonogh (Md.), 2019, FO/M : Pope won some great faceoff battles. The McDonogh school stud stays on field to play D or O. Never gave up when he lost a faceoff which was not often. Look for Pope to have a big junior season in the MIAA-A conference for the Eagles.

William Winters, Northern Highlands Regional (NJ), 2019, D : Winters demonstrated ability to play sound defense. The junior long pole had some great checks. And he got to some tough ground balls.

Nick Coyne, Middletown (Md.), 2018, D : Coyne was another standout senior at the D3 Prospect Day. The Middletown long pole has a great Lax I.Q. Love how he moves his feet. And he also had some great checks.

Will Harnick, Pine Richland (Pa.), 2019, A : Harnick is a slick attackman with some nifty dodges. A fun player to watch shoot the rock! Plays well behind cage. Impressed several coaches at the event.

Will Harnick
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