Big12 Summer Invitational — North American Club Lacrosse Championship (NACLC)

Date: December 4, 2017

Big12 Lacrosse Summer Invitational

Announces North American Club Lacrosse Championship (NACLC)

Big12 Lacrosse Events, one of North America’s premier summer club lacrosse recruiting tournament event companies, is excited to announce the addition of the North American Club Lacrosse Championship (NACLC) to the Big12 Summer Invitational summer event.

Big12 Summer Invitational — North American Club Lacrosse Championship

Blandair Park — Columbia, MD

Eight teams will compete in 2021, 2020, and 2019 divisions and North American Club Lacrosse Champions (NACLC) will be crowned in the 2021, 2020 and 2019 divisions. Big12 Summer Invitational will take place on 3 adjacent turf fields at Blandair Park in Columbia, Maryland.

Big12 Lacrosse events remain committed to boutique elite club lacrosse recruiting tournaments providing an evaluation platform for NCAA programs where opportunities to evaluate all of the teams is logistically realistic and the event maximizes exposure for all participating club lacrosse programs and their participants.

The addition of the North American Club Lacrosse Championship to the summer event is structured to provide an event experience that enhances competition to levels that increases the quality of play where NCAA programs can better evaluate the talent at the summer event.

In additional to the North American Club Lacrosse Championship (NACLC), which will be held on Saturday June 16, with champions crowned on Sunday June 17; Big12 will host an Individual Showcase on Friday June 15th at Homewood Field on the campus of Johns Hopkins University.

The Individual Showcase will be available to all Big12 Summer Invitational participants and provide a combination of individual training and classroom instruction directed by NCAA coaches, developed to mirror an NCAA individual practice experience. Individual training will be followed by showcase games it front of NCAA programs.

“Big12 Lacrosse has evolved our recruiting events to provide the maximum level of exposure and competition at the right venues. Based upon our extensive experience working within the club lacrosse space, many events are too large or logistically scattered and just don’t provide a realistic platform for NCAA programs to evaluate players at recruiting events. In addition, our experience is that the optimum platform for NCAA coaches to evaluate is in a highly competitive environment; and hence our interest in ratcheting up the level of competition with the introduction of the North American Club Lacrosse Championship”, notes Kevin Mayer — Executive Director — Big12 Lacrosse Events.

Event Details:

  • Big12 — North American Club Lacrosse Championship: June 16–17, Blandair Park Columbia, MD
  • • Big12 Summer Individual Showcase: June 15, Homewood Field John Hopkins University
  • • Divisions: 2021, 2020 & 2019.

About Big12 Lacrosse Events

Big12 Lacrosse Events runs premier level tournament and recruiting events for club lacrosse programs. Big12 events are sized to accommodate the maximum level of productive recruiting evaluation and exposure at venues that deliver optimum logistics in a highly competitive environment.

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