PRLB Feature: Grant Mitchell and Cole Herbert have formed quite the impressive duo on midfield for…

Throughout history there have been some classic dynamic duos, you have Batman and Robin, Pippen and Jordan, Alfalfa and Spanky, Milli and Vanilli, Dale and Brennan, and then there’s Cole and Grant.

Cole Herbert and Grant Mitchell the very impressive midfield duo — or as I like to call them, the Bash Brothers — from Calvert Hall.

Both are always linked to one another whether it’s on purpose or just by accident. When you look at the Cardinals box score you will see Jacob and Daniel Kelly listed first and second and then it’s Grant and Cole. And if you look at both of their season stats up to this point they’re freakishly identical. Cole Herbert 21 Goals, 18 Assists and Grant Mitchell — 24 Goals, 18 Assists.

Even when both are on the field at the same time and setting up the offense, they know where each other are. Cole and Grant could close their eyes and would be able to run the offense and set up a scoring play with each other that’s how talented and how well both young men work together.

Senior leader Jacob Kelly says Grant and Cole are the best midfielders he’s ever play with and they both present a mismatch for opposing defenses. “They aren’t just skilled players, but they’re both big and strong. When (Cole and Grant) are clicking and making good decisions that’s when we are a great team.”

The only thing that’s different about Herbert and Mitchell is Grant is committed to Ohio State and Cole is committed to North Carolina. But here’s a harsh reminder to the rest of the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) A-conference teams, Both, Cole, a sophomore and Grant a junior, will be back next year, just as fierce and dynamic on the Calvert Hall offense.

Herbert and Mitchell were on the same midfield line last season and have just built up the chemistry between one another.

On Tuesday, the Cardinals will wrap up their regular season with a big game against their arch rivals, Loyola Blakefield.

According to Herbert and Mitchell there’s a chalk board in the team locker room with a list of five things the team needs to address in each game and since the Boys’ Latin loss last month, the Cardinals have been able to stick to this list and churn out some victories. The junior middies both said that Calvert Hall needs to go into the game against Loyola Blakefield with the same mentality they’ve been going in with the past couple weeks.

Both the Dons and Cardinals will be playing for a chance to be the second seed and have a first round bye. McDonogh will be the first seed but there’s a handful of teams vying for that second spot on Tuesday.

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