The PRLB All-Area Team

First Team


Michael Ubriaco (LP) Boys’ Latin

Garret Zungailia — Calvert Hall

BJ Farrare- McDonogh

Chris Smith — McDonogh

BJ Farrare


Grant Mitchell — Calvert Hall

Liam Bateman — Loyola

Jack Simmons — McDonogh

Brenden Crouse — Boys’ Latin


Jacob Kelly — Calvert Hall

Liam Powdery — McDonogh

Brendan Grimes — Boys’ Latin

Ian Krampf — St. Mary’s Annapolis

Brendan Grimes


Chris Brandau — Boys’ Latin


Felix Knorr-Howard

2nd Team


Daniel Kelly — Calvert Hall

Alex Reid — Loyola Blakefield

Matt Brandau- Boys’ Latin

JD Nozemack- Hereford


Cole Herbert- Calvert Hall

Josh Coffman — Severna Park

Christian Etchison — Westminster

Dane Swanson — McDonogh


Gable Braun — McDonogh

Defense –

BJ Burlace — St. Mary’s Annapolis

George Walsh — Calvert Hall

Troy Tuveson- Hereford

Jake Snyder- Calvert Hall


Aleric Fyock- St Mary’s Annapolis

Aleric Fyock

Honorable Mention:

Ross Blumenthal — Goalie- Friends

Grant Kuehn — Attack- Towson

Payton Giberson — FO/M — Boys’ Latin

Jack Sawyer — Attack — Calvert Hall

Dylan Gergar- Attack— Severn

Teagan Hersh- Defense- Towson

Evan Long — Goalie- McDonogh

Alec Kozlowski- Attack — Westminster

Chase Cope - Midfield— Severna Park

Griffin Catlett- Midfield- McDonogh

Kyle Decrispino - Attack — Mount St. Joseph

Brett Gladstone- Attack – Marriotts Ridge

Noah Lastner- FO/M- Severn

By Peace Report Lacrosse Blog

Written and edited by Tom Peace. Peace is a national high school writer. Peace has been in the broadcasting and journalism field for over 15 years.

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