Big12 Lacrosse Events presents: North American Club Lacrosse Championships at Big12 Summer…

June 16–17, 2018 represents the inaugural year of the North American Club Lacrosse Championship (NACLC) hosted at the Big12 Summer Invitational!

NACLC was developed to provide a highly competitive recruiting invitational event in a boutique setting conducive to the highest level of recruiting exposure for teams/players in an environment where NCAA coaches can garner benchmarked evaluation results on players that deliver the highest level of value under the new NCAA recruiting guidelines and calendars.

In addition NACLA was developed with the club teams experience in mind, moving away from traditional large format events, with +100 teams, staged within multiple locations, consisting of 4–5 games that may or may not be aligned with a championship and or seeded so only a very small percentage of teams qualify for championship play.

Families make significant investments in summer club play and not only is Big12 Lacrosse events interested delivering recruiting value we are also interested in delivering a tournament experience that is competitive, inclusive and delivers a tangible experience to those participating and hosted in a high-end setting that is logistically easy to maneuver both for the club teams and the NCAA coaches, providing them the best venue to evaluate prospective recruits.

NACLC will deliver 2021, 2020, and 2019 divisions — with 8 teams per division. Each team will be provided an opportunity, via open seeding on day 2 to make a run for the NACLC in each division.

Leading up to the event and over the next few weeks, Peace Report Lax Blog (PRLB) will be featuring each of the clubs participating in the summer 2018 NACLC, their history, their philosophy, their staff and their accolades.

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