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Rock Lacrosse — NACLC Club Summary

“Concepted” in 2004 and launched in 2005, Rock Lacrosse is entering the 14th year in operation and is how headquartered in Brooklandville, MD at St Paul’s School with a Central PA location located in Lancaster, PA.

Founding principles for Rock Lacrosse are based on utilizing the fall, winter (box lacrosse) and summer seasons as a comprehensive advanced lacrosse development platform with a singular purpose in using our time with our players during our season(s) in advancing their lacrosse skills.

The Rock Lacrosse curriculum is aligned with providing our middle school participants a platform to learn core foundational advanced lacrosse skills important to development as impact high school lacrosse players, and for our high school players continuing that developmental path to levels where they become recruitable NCAA student athletes; ultimately preparing them to play at the NCAA level.

Everything provided to our membership is delivered in a highly competitive environment aligned directly within an advanced teaching and coaching plan that focuses on all aspects of the skills required to play at the next level. The little things and the big things!

Rock’s entire coaching staff consists of current and or former Varsity High School coaches and or NCAA coaches. Rock has 8 NCAA coaches on staff for the summer 2018 season. Rock offers all of our high school participants a comprehensive recruiting advisement program inclusive of education, digital tools and advisement support for our high school participants.

During our 14 year history, Rock has sent +400 players to NCAA DI, DII and DIII programs, during the 2018 season 187 Rock Lacrosse alums were on NCAA rosters 84 on NCAA DI rosters.

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