North American Club Lacrosse Championship: #PRLB Club Spotlight: The Florida Surge

Historical Bio: The Florida Surge was created in the fall of 2016 with the idea of hand picking the best players and to develop them over a three year period to be recruitable college prospects. Our program consists of a year round commitment to strength and conditioning, Lacrosse training, and participation in other sports should a student athlete chose to play other sports. The club currently has one varsity level team which is the sole focus of the staff. Players who have a strong foundation in skills and fundamentals can be taught more high level aspects of the game. We produce college ready players. The next Florida Surge team will be a U9 program starting this fall.


Chad Moore (Limestone 1996) — Director/Coach — current Director of Lacrosse/Head Boys Varsity Coach American Heritage School, former 16 NCAA college coach.

Mike Sessa (Limestone 1993) — Coach — current Assistant Coach American Heritage School, former 21 year NCAA college coach, 2x NCAA DII National Championship coach.

Chris Cummings (Cortland 2003) — Coach — current Head Coach Sidwell Friends School, former 8 year NCAA college coach.

Jay Cosby (Florida Gulf Coast 2006) — Coach — current Assistant Coach American Heritage School.

Website Link – Florida Surge Lacrosse

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