PRLB Q&A : James Jacob is representing San Antonio, Texas this weekend in the UA All America…

The Under Armour All America weekend is here. Athletes are checking into their hotels. The fields are being prepped. The weekend forecast looks promising for beautiful weather during the weekend event.

And as a journalist, I like to scan over the rosters of the Underclass, Uncommitted and even the senior teams to find some good stories.

While looking over the Uncommitted rosters- A. To find a story and B. To see which 2019 athletes maybe potential HarfordCC Fighting Owls haha. But when I spot San Antonio Texas under the boys’ 2021, I know that’s pretty cool to see.

Meet Jacob James, a rising sophomore at the McCallie School in Tennessee. McCallie is a prestigious program in the south. It’s been known to produce some fantastic athletes. But the San Antonio part was what stood out to me. You’ll usually see kids from Austin, Dallas, or Houston representing the Lone Star State. But San Antonio is starting to produce some lacrosse players and Jacobs is one of them.

The PRLB did a Q&A with C2CLAX and San Antonio Tacos club member to get his thoughts on representing that part of Texas this weekend at the Under Armour Uncommitted games.

Peace Report Lax Blog: How does it feel to be selected for the Under Armour Uncommitted game?

Jacob: It feels great to know that all the hard work is paying off.

PRLB: What’s it mean to you to get some excellent exposure to how you play the game from College coaches?

Jacob: It means a lot to me coming from an area where the lacrosse community is close to nonexistent.

PRLB: How long have you been playing lacrosse?

Jacob: I have been playing lacrosse since the spring of 6th grade. My friends forced me to join the team because my school did not have enough players for the team.

PRLB: How did McCallie do this season?

Jacob: We got off to a rocky start, but in all we did quite well. Although we did not fulfill our full potential this season.

PRLB: What are you trying to improve on skill wise this summer?

Jacob: This summer I’m trying to improve my IQ of the sport. In addition, I’m working on my off-ball game as well as my overall fundamentals.

PRLB: What kind of sticks do you play with?

Jacob: I have a Maverick Kinetik with hero 2.0 mesh. Along with a String King Metal 2 shaft.

PRLB: Name the favorite song your listening to now.

Jacob: My current favorite song is “I like it” by Cardi B but “Red Roses” but Lil Skies is a very close second.

PRLB: What’s your favorite movie?

Jacob: My favorite movie by far is “Talladega Nights” with Will Farrell.

PRLB: In your opinion what’s the best part of your game?

Jacob: According to my mom it’s my shooting, but I’d go with my communication.

PRLB: Has the new recruiting rules made the searching for college process easier for you?

Jacob: It has been very beneficial for me because I play with the C2C National 2020, so I’m getting the same exposure as they are but I am a year younger.

We will have a running Q&A series the next couple days with the athletes playing in the UA Underclass games. Plus coverage of the Senior All- America Game on Saturday night.

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