PRLB UA All America Underclass Q&A with Notre Dame Prep rising freshman Emily Peek of the District…

After a monster season in IAAM A-conference, winning the championship, Notre Dame Prep graduates 21 seniors.

But that doesn’t mean the Blazers will run out talent. And it doesn’t mean that Coach Ford’s team will lose a step in 2019. NDP will have a ton of talent coming up to the varsity roster next spring and one of those talents will be Emily Peek.

Peek started this past season on the NDP Midfielder A Team.


Goals: 66

Assists: 28

GB: 113

Peek played on the District Command team this past weekend in the UA Underclass tournament.

Peace Report: How does it feel to be selected for the Under Armour Underclass event?

Emily Peek: I am really excited (and a little nervous) for the opportunity to play with and against a lot of new, advanced players, under new coaches and just to be apart of such a big event overall.

PRLB: What’s it mean to you to get some excellent exposure to how you play the game in front of College coaches?

Peek: As a 2022 I know the coaches aren’t really watching 22s yet but this experience gives me a head start on how it feels to know coaches are on the sidelines watching games since I’m playing with 21s. It’s teaching me to focus on the game and not who is watching.

PRLB: How long have you been playing lacrosse?

Peek: I’ve been play lacrosse for 9 years

PRLB: How did you feel Walsh Jesuit did this season?

Peek: NDP’s win against Mcdonogh was really cool. I was there watching that game and as a rising freshman it’s especially exciting to hopefully be a part of that program over the next few years.

PRLB: What are you trying to improve on skill wise this summer?

Peek: This summer I’ve been working on dodging hard when I have a 1v1 and I’ve also been practicing shot placement in pressured situations.

PRLB: What kind of sticks do you play with?

Peek: I play with the EPOCH 15 degree head with the Under Armour Undeniable shaft and East Coast Dye Mesh runway.

PRLB: Name the favorite song your listening to now.

Peek: Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer

PRLB: What’s your favorite movie?

Peek: I don’t have a favorite movie but my favorite tv series is Hawaii Five-0.

PRLB: In your opinion what’s the best part of your game?

Peek: I think the best part of my game right now is my team play and my draw controls.

PRLB: Has the new recruiting rules made the searching for college process easier for you?

Peek: As a rising freshman it went into effect before I was in eighth grade so it hasn’t had a big effect on me. However, I do wish I was still allowed to talk to coaches and have official visits before junior year because that would be helpful in the process. I do like the extra time before making a commitment though.


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