PRLB Q&A w/ Dylan Halloran (2020, Midfield) Conroe HS (TX) who reunited with her cousin at the UA…

Halloran on right with her cousin Danielle Pavinelli (Long Island)

Halloran was selected to the UA Southwest Highlight team after playing in the UA Uncommitted game the past two years. The Conroe HS rising junior, who is orginally from the Northeast, made an impact this season for The Woodlands program that went 11–2.

The Under Armour All America is a unique event in that players from all over the country are selected for the Underclass teams and come play at Towson University on the last weekend of the month of June.

And it just so happens Dylan’s cousin Danielle Pavinelli, who is a tremendous lacrosse player from Long Island, was also playing in the event. So it is great to see family reunions at these kind of events.

Halloran, who has also been selected to the Cascasde National Prospect Invite event later this month in Delaware (which the PRLB will cover), has two older sisters who also are alums to the Under Armour All America event. Both of them Cassidy (2017) and Riley (2018) attend and play for the University of Vermont.

The PRLB did a Q&A with Dylan and got her thoughts on being selected to represent the Southwest.

Peace Report: How does it feel to be selected for the Under Armour Underclass event?

Dylan Halloran: I am exited to have the opportunity to play against and with some of the best players in the nation and to play against my cousin Danielle Pavinelli on the Long Island team is a very cool thing for our family.

PRLB: What’s it mean to you to get some excellent exposure to how you play the game in front of College coaches?

Halloran: As a uncommitted player, every chance I get to play in front of collage coaches is awesome for me.

PRLB: How long have you been playing lacrosse?

Halloran: I have been playing Lacrosse for 8 years.

PRLB: How did you feel your HS team did this season?

Halloran: It was exiting to have an undefeated regular season especially being the last season with one of my older sisters Riley before she plays at Vermont with our older sister but we fell short, but there is always next year!!

PRLB: What are you trying to improve on skill wise this summer?

Halloran: You can always improve on stick skills and that is one of my main focuses this summer, but being a player that is able to play any position there is always an area I can improve on.

PRLB: What kind of sticks do you play with?

Halloran: STC crux 500.

PRLB: Name the favorite song your listening to now.

Halloran: Yes indeed by Lil baby and Drake.

PRLB: What’s your favorite movie?

Halloran: The Game Plan.

PRLB: In your opinion what’s the best part of your game?

Halloran: My ability to run and handle pressure.

PRLB: Has the new recruiting rules made the searching for college process easier for you?

Halloran: Looking forward to finding that out and going through the process.


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