PRLB Q&A with Emma Christensen (2021, Attack), Quince Orchard (Md.)

Emma Christensen (#1) club teammates Nancy Halleron (#19), Emma Rubin (#4) and Ava Washington (#21)

Emma Christensen couldnt have asked for a better freshmen season. The Quince Orchard attacker was named, Washington Post All Met Honorable Mention and 1st Team All County Freshman Year.

Christensen put up the stats this season for the Bobcats (Goals: 63 Assists: 38 GB: 63)

This past weekend, Christensen dazzled at the Under Armour All America Underclass tourney. Representing the DC Command squad that was a finalist in the championship. Emma was named MVP and made the All-Tournament team.

Here’s the PRLB Q&A with Emma.

Peace Report: How does it feel to be selected for the Under Armour Underclass event?

Emma Christensen: Its such an honor to be selected for the DC team and to help lead them to their first championship appearance

PRLB: What’s it mean to you to get some excellent exposure to how you play the game in front of College coaches?

Christensen: The under armour event has always been a big recruiting event and its always a little nerve racking to play in front of coaches but the more I do it the more I get used to it.

PRLB: How long have you been playing lacrosse?

Christensen: Since I was in 3rd grade

PRLB: How did you feel your HS team did this season?

Christensen: We did ok the team had our ups and downs and we lost in OT in the regional finals.

PRLB: What are you trying to improve on skill wise this summer?

Christensen: I would like to improve my dodges on the left side of the crease.

PRLB: What kind of sticks do you play with?

Christensen: I play with STX

PRLB: Name the favorite song your listening to now.

Christensen: Wait by Maroon 5

PRLB: What’s your favorite movie?

Christensen: White chicks

PRLB: In your opinion what’s the best part of your game?

Christensen: My feeds

PRLB: Has the new recruiting rules made the searching for college process easier for you?

Christensen: Its good and bad, I do not like how we cannot know which schools are interested. I love how we cannot commit until junior year.


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