PRLB Recap: APEX60.. Includes Tom’s Top 20 Players that Impressed

The summer lacrosse event structure has changed in the last couple years. It’s not just about playing games. The new model is to still have a club based showcase but also have a separate individual event where the players get a chance to work with college coaches in drills and learn what being a college lacrosse player is all about.

Apex Lacrosse Events has adopted this model beginning this summer. Shane Doss, a Notre Dame alum and New Jersey native felt it was time to bring a showcase/individual event to the Garden State. There’s a number of great college programs in New Jersey at every level. But those colleges haven’t really had an event such as the Apex Invitational and the APEX60 in their backyard.

Nathan Lee traveled all the way to New Jersey to play in the Apex60 event this past weekend and the rising junior from Houston, TX, said it was the best event he has attended all summer. Solely for the fact that the college coaches are from top programs such as Princeton, Rutgers, Harvard and Georgetown working with the student athletes during the event.

Doss and Apex set the two events up on separate weekends in the month of July. The Invitational was held on the 10th and the 11th. The Apex60 was this past weekend. Several of the players that played in the Invitational also participated in the Apex60.

The Apex60 was for players ages 2019–2022.

The event was well organized and the location on the campus of Rider University was easy to get to.

Talking with several of the college coaches on hand, they seemed thrilled to have a top notch event like this that attracted excellent talent from the inside and outside the state.

The other neat thing that Doss and Apex Lacrosse Events did that was great was they worked out a great deal with Connectlax to video tape games for the players for highlights. And they also made a deal with Cascade to make personalized Apex gold helmets that were awarded to the MVP’s of the events.

Here are the Top Players that Impressed at the Apex60. (Name, School, Grad Year, Position, Club Team)

Benny Morfit, Iona Prep (NY), 2021, Mid, Igloo Black Ice: Morfit was awarded a gold helmet and rightfully so. The Iona Prep star hustled. He shoots well with off hand. His shots on cage are something to watch.

Ethan Kriss, Riverdale Country School (NY), 2021, FO/M, Igloo Black Ice: Kriss has a tall athletic and strong frame. Dominant at the Faceoff X. And is a true midfielder as well and will stay on the field to play offense and defense. Another kid who got a gold helmet.

Mack Prybylski, Westfield (NJ), 2021, Attack, Blue Star: Really loved the way this young man plays. Dodges well to cage. Has a good motor. Makes excellent decisions with the ball.

Dean Gillette, Trinity-Pawling (NY), 2019, Attack, NJ Diesel: Gillette has good hands and quick feet. Love the lax IQ. And Gillette has some amazing dodges.

Quinn Brandmeyer, Mission Hills (KS), 2019, Def, Top Gun Midwest: A tall kid with some muscle that’s evident when Brandmeyer delivers a check and when he hustled up field on a clear. The rising senior will be a steal for any college program.

Noah Lin, Montgomery (NJ), 2020, Goalie, Blue Star: Lin had a terrific showing at the Apex Invitational with Blue Star, getting the MVP in the All Star game. Lin has quick hands and made some excellent saves.

Logan O’Sullivan, Radnor (Pa.), 2020, Long-Stick Midfielder, NXT: O’Sullivan in the game I saw had a great up field clear and he buried a shot behind the goalie for an awesome goal! Incredible stick skills. Smart kid. Love his size and grittiness.

Anthony Bell, The Hun School (NJ), 2021, Defense, Blue Star: Bell has had a great summer. Being named to the Under Armour underclass team. And tore it up at the Apex Events. Bell gets the ground balls. And moves his feet well when defending. Bell took the ball up field on a clear and found an offensive player who scored, picking up an assist.

Jake Wright, The Hun School (NJ), 2019, Midfield, Blue Star: Wright has some nifty dodges and his footwork is excellent. Works hard to move the ball around to try and get a good scoring lane. Another player with lax smarts.

Patrick Coleman, Moorestown (NJ), 2020, Attack, Blue Star: The thing that stands out about Coleman is his size and the power he has behind his shots. He’s one of those big bodied type of players with a strong frame and quick feet. Unselfish. Never quits on the ride. Good player.

Ryan Popolo, Shawnee (NJ), 2021, Midfield, Southshore: Popolo is well conditioned. Motor was at 100% even at this point of the summer and in the heat. Good instincts. Love his toughness. Popolo got hit hard after scoring a goal and he got right up.

Garrett Anderson, Montgomery Blair (Md.), 2019, Midfield, Maryland Xtreme: Anderson also displayed toughness when getting late hit after scoring a goal. The rising senior has good dodges and moves the ball well. And is smart off-ball as well.

Will Coben, Greenhill (TX), 2020, Attack, C2C: Coben his a hard worker and unselfish. Moves his feet well and has quick hands. Another player with a devastating shot on cage.

Timothy Murray, Bronxville (NY), 2020, Midfield, Predators: Murray has a good lax IQ. Plays two way mid. Not afraid to deliver a hit. A gritty player. Good stick.

Trevor Pettibone, Devon (Pa.), 2021, Defense, Rising Sons: great on GBS, rangy defender and tough to beat. Clears up field well.

Daniel Grubb, Quakertown (Pa.), 2019, Defense, Twist: Grubb is a big, strong and tough defenseman. Has some good poke checks. Gets to GBS. And he scored a goal off a clear that was awesome!

Shawn Hewett, Corner Canyon (UT), 2020, FO/M, Wasatch LC: Hewett makes good decisions when ball in stick. Hustled. Good player. Was awarded gold helmet. Also played well at Apex Invitational!

Jacob Sansone, Tappan Zee (NY), 2020, Attack, NJ Riot: Couldn’t miss Sansone in his orange NJ Riot helmet. The rising junior is strong. Love his grittiness. Good off ball and has a good shot on cage.

Nathan Lee, St Thomas (TX), 2020, LSM, Stickstar: Lee gets after the GBS, and he has some good checks. Has good conditioning. Not afraid to have the ball in stick. Good Lax IQ.

River MacMillan, Norfolk Academy (VA), 2020, Midfield, 757 Select: MacMillan was also a gold helmet recipient. Quick, great feet. Tough dodger. Noticed him all over the field.

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