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The beautiful thing about lacrosse is the that the game helps develop friendships and relationships that can last a lifetime.

I have friends in all walks of life, and in different sports besides lacrosse. But when I am around lacrosse friends and people involved with the sport, it truly feels comforting.

And that we’re all in this family together and share a bond to help grow the game.

When I learned that two friends, who’ve known each other since playing on their first grade team, committed to the same school together, I smiled because this sport, this game can provide some amazing stories.

Two Florida boys, Devon Rasmus a midfielder from Jupiter high school and his pal goalie Bryce Kendrigan of the Benjamin school both announced their verbal commitments to play Division 1 lacrosse at Towson University.

I noticed Devon this past summer at the first session of the Baltimore Summer Kickoff. The junior middie has amazing stick skills and was impressive at the event. His father informed me about him and Bryce committing together and you could tell from speaking to both, that both young men can’t wait to take this next step in their careers, together.

“Committing to the same school as Bryce is amazing. It’s gonna let us build even an better friendship and gives us both a person to rely on from the start.” This past season Devon was apart of a Jupiter team that was the first public school to win the state championship since it became a sanctioned varsity sport in Florida.

Devon is a two year starter and varsity letterman.

“Lacrosse has been a huge part of my life. It’s helped me create friends, develop as a person and gave me something to look forward to every day. Without Lacrosse I wouldn’t have near as many opportunities as I have now.”

Devon’s dad is overjoyed about the news about his son committing to college. And the impact his son and Bryce have had on the Jupiter community.

“As you can imagine this doesn’t happen very often in a small town like Jupiter and we are very proud of both them. (Devon and Bryce) have spent 10 years in back yards and on Lacrosse fields getting ready for last summer. It’s amazing to think they both went from no where on anyone’s radar to committed to Towson!”

Kendrigan is a left handed goal tender, something the Tigers will be thrilled to be adding to the roster in a few years.

“It is very exciting to commit to the same school. It is going to be great to have a friend to be there and share all of the new experiences with.”

Bryce adds,

“The game of lacrosse has created opportunities that would not have been possible with out it. It has given me an extended family from all of the teams that I have been a part of that will always be with me.”

Here’s Bryce’s HS Highlights from this past season:

Here’s Devon’s highlights:

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