The MIAA — A conference has officially adopted the shot clock rule for the 2019 season

As well as the dive and sub box rule

According to Ty Xanders of Inside Lacrosse, the athletic directors of the A conference in the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association voted to adopt the shot clock rule for the upcoming season. The athletic directors as well as the coaches within the conference also voted yes for the dive rule and also the 10-yard substitution boxes.

Over the summer the NCAA announced it was adopting the shot clock for the 2019 season. From an article from about the new rule, Its a 80-second shot clock. The clock will include a 20-second clearing count, during which players must advance the ball across the midfield line. If the team with possession is not in its offensive half of the field when the visible shot clock reaches 60 seconds, it is a violation. The clock is reset if the shooting team regains possession after a shot that is saved or hits the goal post.

The A-conference also added the new dive rule and 10-yard sub boxes, which the NCAA also adopted for the 2019 season. The dive rule is as follows per, if a player leaves his feet under his volition power in a direction away from the goal mouth and the ball enters the goal before he touches the crease, the goal will count. Additionally, a player who dives in the direction of the goal mouth will receive a one-minute penalty.

And finally the sub box rule: the substitution box was reduced to 10 yards from 20 yards. The idea of that move is to allow for more transition opportunities.

Calvert Hall head coach Bryan Kelly expresses his pleasure to the conference adopting the new rules. “We have always followed the NCAA and I think it is one of the many reasons why our league is so special. As a coach and a program, one of our core values is to prepare our kids for the next level both on and off the field. I truly believe that the players in the MIAA will have an early advantage when the go to college since they have played under the new rules.”

The MIAA — A conference has always been known as arguably the best high school lacrosse league in the conference. And with these new rules in place, that should speed up the game, it should put the A-conference on a different level than most. The question is will other high school conferences and their athletic directors be for adopting these new rules? We shall see.

“I’m really a big fan of the new rules. I love how the MIAA is adopting it into the league this year and really allowing us to get ready for college. I love playing fast, and I know a lot of my teammates do as well, so we are going to like this shot clock a lot. My teammates and I have been preparing for the new rules and talked to my coaches about it a lot, so I think we will be prepared when the time comes around.”

– Brendan Grimes, Boys’ Latin junior starting attackman

“It will be interesting! I’m more optimistic about the shot clock and less so about the dive rule. I think the dive rule is an incredibly subjective call that could have major consequences affecting a game.

So it will all be a work in progress as adjustments are made. This is one year I’m glad college lacrosse starts in early February. Will give us a lot of time to pick apart games to apply lessons for our high school teams.”

— Andy Hilgartner, McDonogh head coach

“This is a big step for our league and more importantly our players. Our goal ultimately is to prepare our players to play at the next level. By making these changes now, our players can experience the new rules while competing against quality opponents this spring. Very exciting times for everyone involved.”

— Brian Farrell, Boys’ Latin head coach

“I am excited. In some ways, this will be all new — we have never seen these rules before so I am sure there will be some unintended consequences, but mostly I am looking forward to the opportunity to let the players have more control over the game, which I think will be one by-product if the changes.”

— Brooks Matthews, Gilman head coach


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