Big12 Lacrosse Events and our Charity Partner Brigance Brigade Foundation

Big12 Lacrosse Events and our Charity Partner Brigance Brigade Foundation

Big12 Fall Lacrosse Invitational Attendees:

We look forward to hosting you this fall at the 2018 Big12 Fall Lacrosse Invitational!

Since the fall invitational’s founding four years ago and the recognition garnered as one of the falls top recruiting events, Big12 Lacrosse Events has aligned our fall event with a very special charity, the Brigance Bridage Foundation.

Proceeds from your team registrations go to the foundation every fall, supporting families who have members suffering from the devastating disease ALS or as it is more widely know Lou Gehrigs disease.

OJ Brigance, current Senior Advisor to Player Development for the Baltimore Ravens, a former NFL player, has battled ALS since being diagnosed with the disease shortly after his retirement from the NFL, established the foundation and Big12 is a partner. Big12 contributions rank as one of the greatest for the foundation.

View ESPN Segment on OJ Brigance and the Foundation

As we prepare for our event this coming weekend we will be sending you content on the foundation, some of the people our contributions this year will benefit, in an effort to provide all of you information on our partnership and your involvement in supporting, through your registrations, and any additional support you wish to offer families with members suffering form ALS.

ALS is a devastating disease that affects the body, not the mind. People suffering from the disease ultimately lose control of their body, unable to move anything from the neck down.

Improving qualify of life for those suffering is directly aligned with the tools and resources we can provide them, from wheelchairs, to ramps, to the latest computer technologies that allows them to continue to communicates. These resources not only impact those suffering but they also significantly impact their families, friends and those supporting their care.

If you are interested in learning more about the foundation information can be found on the foundation website, and you can also connect via social media.



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