2019/2020 — Players That Shined at Big12 Fall Lacrosse Invitational

Chris Lyons​​​​ Tri-State ​​​Midfield ​​​​​Shawnee HS

Thomas Shaughnessy​​​ Tri-State ​​​​Defense​​​​​Manasquian HS

Kyle Harris​​​​Tri-State​​​​ LSM​​​​​ St. John Vianney HS

James Bennet​​​​ Tri-State ​​​​Attack ​​​​​Princeton Day

Kyle Ross​​​​ Tri-State ​​​Midfield ​​​​Caldwell HS

Khandin Schilo​​​​ Florida Surge​​​ M/A​​​​​ American Heritage School

Zak Bitar​​​​ Florida Surge ​​​Attack ​​​​​American Heritage School

Will Pitman ​​​​N. Florida All Starts​​ Midfield ​​​​Episcopal-Jacksonville (FL)

Glenn Mandel​​​​ N. Florida All Stars​​ Goalie​​​​​Creekside HS

Christian Matson​​​​ N. Florida All Stars​​ Midfield ​​​​The Bolles School

Jonathan Crocker​​​ Eastside​​​​Midfield​​​​​ Good Counsel

Brian Regoning​​​​ Eastside​​​​Attack​​​​​ Good Counsel

Dylan Grant ​​​​Eastside ​​​Defense​​​​​ Sherwood HS

Connor McDonough ​​​Rock 2020 ​​​Midfield ​​​​​State College (PA) HS

Logan Santos​​​​ Rock 2020 ​​​Midfield ​​​​St. Paul’s School

Cole McCarthy ​​​​Rock 2020 ​​​Midfield​​​​​St. Paul’s School

Isaiah Hines​​​​ Rock 2020 ​​​Attack​​​​​ Allen HS (TX)

Joseph Fiorenza​​​​ Rock 2020 ​​​FOGO​​​​​ York Catholic

Logan Covey ​​​​Rock 2020 ​​​Goalie​​​​​ Westminster

Connor Slein ​​​​Rock 2020 ​​​A/M​​​​​St. Paul’s School

Elijah Duck​​​​ Rock 2020​​​ Defense​​​​​ Hershey HS

Quinten Lyons ​​​​Rock 2020 ​​​Goalie ​​​​​Red Lion HS

Roman LaRocco ​​​​3D Mid Atlantic​​​ Midfield​​​​​Liganore HS

Jimmy Dooly​​​​ 3D Mid Atlantic ​​​Attack ​​​​​Kettle Run HS​

Connor Kemper​​​​ 757 Select​​​ Goalie​​​​​ Princess Ann HS

Matthew Birken​​​​ 757 Select ​​​Defense ​​​​​Deep Run HS

Elijah Whiting​​​​ PLC​​​​ FOGO​​​​​ Archbishop Spalding

Colin Donegan​​​​ PLC​​​​ Midfield ​​​​​Severn

Jack Smith ​​​​PLC ​​​​Attack ​​​​​Dematha

Jack Szalankiwiecz ​​​PLC​​​​ LPM ​​​​​Mount St. Joseph

Blake Misnter​​​​ PLC​​​​ Midfield ​​​​Broadneck

Max Anderson​​​​ Rock 2020 PA​​​ A/M​​​​​ Central Dauphin HS

Tyler Fox​​​​ Rock 2020 PA​​​ Defense​​​​​ Manheim Township HS

*players were selected via anonymous input provided by NCAA coaches in attendance at Big12 Fall Invitational

By Peace Report Lacrosse Blog

Written and edited by Tom Peace. Peace is a national high school writer. Peace has been in the broadcasting and journalism field for over 15 years.

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