2021-Players That Shined at Big12 Fall Lacrosse Invitational

Tyler Greason ​​​​757 Select​​​Defense​​​Cape Henry Collegiate

Alex Anderson​​​​N. Florida All Stars​​Midfield​​​Matanzas HS

Jack Mulvey​​​​N. Florida All Stars​​Attack​​​​The Bolles School

Charlie Matusek​​​Eastside​​​A/M​​​​Sherwood HS

Noah Carti​​​​Tri-State​​​Attack​​​​Franklin Lakes

Tyler Leahy​​​​Tri-State​​​Attack​​​​Culver Academy

Kyle Aldridge​​​​Tri-State​​​Midfield ​​​Christian Brothers

Cooper Graham​​​Tri-State​​​Defense ​​​Christian Brothers

Tucker Hebert​​​​Green Turtle​​​Attack​​​​Gilman

Max Osborne​​​​Green Turtle ​​​Defense​​​Towson High School

Gus Kalas IV​​​​Green Turtle​​​Defense ​​​Gonzaga College HS

Shay Davidson​​​​Rock 2021​​​Attack​​​​Southwestern HS

Luke Downs​​​​Rock 2021​​​Goalie​​​​Calvert Hall

Seth Robertson​​​Rock 2021​​​Midfield​​​Palmyra HS

Seamus Kearney​​​Rock 2021​​​LPM​​​​South Carroll HS

Connor Harlacher​​​Rock 2021​​​Defense​​​West York HS

Sean Donegan​​​​PLC​​​​Defense ​​​Severn

Conor Layden​​​​PLC​​​​Attack​​​​Severn

Suri Phillips​​​​PLC​​​​Defense​​​Servern

Brain Starkey​​​​PLC​​​​Attack​​​​Mount Saint Joseph

Kyle Sheehan​​​​PLC​​​​Attack​​​​Archbishop Spalding

Jack Joswiak​​​​3D Mid Atlantic​​Attack​​​​Urbana High School

Mathew Mancini​​​3D Mid Atlantic​​Midfield ​​​Middletown HS

*players were selected via anonymous input provided by NCAA coaches in attendance at Big12 Fall Invitational

By Peace Report Lacrosse Blog

Written and edited by Tom Peace. Peace is a national high school writer. Peace has been in the broadcasting and journalism field for over 15 years.

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