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Rock Lacrosse, a fifteen year-old advanced club lacrosse program headquartered just outside of Baltimore, Maryland at St. Paul’s School, has collaboratively formed a strategic alliance with Top Left Loggerheads, an advanced club lacrosse program headquartered in Charleston, SC.

The strategic alliance was formed to leverage Rock Lacrosse’ experience and player development results; results recognized nationally amongst the advanced club lacrosse marketplace and NCAA programs, to benefit a rapidly emerging lacrosse market in Charleston, South Carolina.

This alliance allows Rock leadership to work collaboratively with Loggerheads leadership in knowledge exchange and the use of known best practices for club operations, curriculum, player development and overall membership experience.

Rock and Loggerheads have also worked to develop a structured dual-commitment player exchange program where Loggerheads players, specifically those that exhibit the level of focus, commitment and development that warrants a more competitive level of play, are able to leverage enhanced NCAA recruiting exposure. They are provided opportunities to augment their club platforms inclusive of membership on Loggerhead and Rock Lacrosse Top 22 teams.

“Our program made a commitment in 2014 to expand our reach and leverage our experience to positively impact the growth of lacrosse in emerging markets. Our initial focus was our move into Central, Pennsylvania and the establishment of our Lancaster, PA location. As that initiative took hold, we connected with the Loggerheads, who we had a pre-existing relationship with, to formalize this strategic alliance,” notes Kevin Mayer, Executive Director of Rock Lacrosse. “The alliance has worked wonderfully, and we have provided great opportunities for some impressive athletes from Loggerheads home base in Charleston, SC. The Loggerheads have had success with exposing their best players and getting them recruited to the right programs. Our partnership is simply expanding the number of Loggerhead players going to NCAA programs.”

From Top Left Loggerhead Director Tom Harris, “Our Loggerhead program has explored many different options in its 10 years of making the Charleston area a recruitable market. Through our success in getting players recruited, we have honed in on a formula that is both efficient and resourceful. Our partnership with Rock gives select players access to more coaching, higher competition and exposure, where the name on their chest is recognized by every college coach in the country as a reputable club. Our program leaders and upper-tier experienced coaches need to be spread throughout our club, continuing to also focus on the youth level and implement core foundational skill development. This translates seamlessly to elite high school players and future NCAA student athletes.” Harris continues, “With the evolution of early recruiting and the excitement that comes with that, many of our families’ perceptions of recruitment were skewed. Our partnership with Rock, an advanced Maryland club program with a national reputation and proven results, helps us deliver to our members the realities of how advanced lacrosse development really works and what is entailed in creating opportunities at the collegiate level. They have importantly provided our program extended opportunities to support our players who are dedicated and ultimately desire to play NCAA lacrosse.”

To learn more about the Rock Lacrosse and Top Left Loggerheads strategic alliance, you can contact either program via the contact information below.

About Rock Lacrosse

Founded in 2003, Rock Lacrosse has been providing advanced skills development platform and club teams for youth and high school players in the Mid Atlantic. Rock’s core mission is focused solely on putting our players into a competitive and challenging development journey that will lead to tangible improvement and comprehensive student athlete development.

Rock’s youth focus is to provide middle school lacrosse players a platform that will teach them fundamental core skills required to develop at an advanced level, while preparing them to become impact high school lacrosse players.

Our high school focus is to prepare our players to become elite and impactful varsity high school players and ultimately desired NCAA recruits, while supporting advanced player development and a knowledge base that translates seamlessly to the NCAA level.

Rock offers skills development/team platforms for 3rd thru 5th grade lacrosse players, and club team platforms for 6th thru 11th grade student athletes.

Rock Lacrosse development journey is proven to deliver tangible results, our players are consistently recognized at the high school level and over 90% of Rock high school players move on to become student-athletes to NCAA programs. Last season Rock Lacrosse had over 185 players on NCAA DI, DII, DIII rosters.

About Top Left Loggerheads

Based in Charleston, SC, the Top Left Loggerheads are entering their 10th year of competitive lacrosse. In 2018 alone, the Loggerheads turned out 21 All-State players, 6 Position Players of the year, 1 Player of the Year and 1 USL All American.

Top Left coaches have built the lacrosse community in the Charleston area with eight current staff members who started eight high school programs from the ground up. Our goal is to introduce the highest level of lacrosse to an emerging market, made possible by our incredible staff and a coaching curriculum we all believe in.

The Loggerhead’s High School focus is to assist our players in achieving goals such as NCAA opportunities, varsity success and SC post season recognition. We are proud of having South Carolina’s best track record for NCAA placement and SC’s top historical All State player record. Since 2014, we have had 7 players recruited to play D1, and 8 to play D2 & D3. We introduce our players to fast-paced, high-level drills to improve their speed and IQ.

The Loggerheads Middle School program will provide our players with an opportunity for advanced fundamentals and techniques to give them the best chance of high school success.

Our youth program (3–5th grade) goal is to provide a fun learning environment for our players to fall in love with the sport of lacrosse. We place a major focus on fundamentals and core skill development through station work and small-sided games.

The Loggerhead Lacrosse Club has tested, manipulated and polished its formula for success. We look forward to seeing our players continue to fill rosters, stat books, and state accolades.

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