PRLB Q&A Series: Oxford Preparatory (NC) 2020 Goalie Nathan Metcalf (Committed to Barton College)

Awards and Accolades

Class Marshall, Directors list, 2017 Brine All-American and multiple tournament All-Star games

Do you have any pets?

Yes, one dog, two cats and a horse

Favorite Movie?

Step Brothers

Favorite Song Right Now?

Crash and Burn-Thomas Rhett

Favorite Quote

“It’s better to be a lion for a day, than a sheep for your whole life”-Danny Duncan

What Made You Decide to Commit to this College/University?

There is so much growth going on at the school and the coaches are really capitalizing on what they have to offer us as students and players.

How would you describe the recruiting process?

Later on I realized it was more about finding a school that you loved and not what other people loved.

Club Team

Team 91 Carolina

Anywhere in the world you’d like to visit?


What kind of sticks do you play with?

Goalie sticks

High School season Outlook?

Team is looking strong

What do you want to major in?


What are your hobbies?

Ping pong and boxing

What’s it like being a high school lacrosse player ?

It’s a full schedule of studying and training. Putting in the work and seeing it pay off is the best feeling in the world.

Anybody you would like to Thank?

My Mom and Dad for paying the expenses of club lacrosse and my excellent coaches for guiding me on and off the field.

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