PRLB Roundup: St. Mary’s takes care of business on the road against St. Paul’s.

The Saints came marching into Brooklandville on Tuesday and used a four goal run in the second quarter to take a 6–4 lead over St. Paul’s at Mitch Tullai Field.

From there, St. Mary’s dominated the Crusaders, winning 11–9, and improving to 2–0 in the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) A- conference.

Ian Krampf scored one of his three goals with .3 seconds left in the third quarter that really was the nail in the coffin for St. Paul’s (1–1 in MIAA -A)

Krampf said the team welcomes the label of being the underdogs. Especially when St. Mary’s takes the long bus ride up to play the Baltimore area schools in the conference. “We we’re down 3–1 and that was nothing. We saw it as an opportunity to play and overcome adversity. Which I think we did a good job of.”

Krampf, who is a senior at St. Mary’s and is committed to Johns Hopkins, borrowed the NFL saying of Any Given Sunday, but said Any Given Tuesday or Friday in this conference it is a battle and grind.

Entering the game, the Crusaders were the darlings of the conference after knocking off McDonogh last Friday, who were the darlings entering that game after upsetting Culver Academy. Now the Saints and Loyola, who defeated McDonogh on Tuesday 1o-8, are now the new darlings and both will faceoff on Friday night in Annapolis. Welcome to the A- conference!

St. Mary’s is a veteran team with 18 juniors and only 2 sophomores. Head coach Victor Lilly feels that this Saints team is a special group and aren’t to be taken for granted. “Those guys have a lot of MIAA-A conference experience. And we lean on them heavy. You see the Wicks, the Krampf’s, the Burlace’s, and Jones, you guys (the media) have been hearing about these guys for the last four years, and you know if they can come together and do something, it may be a fun spring.”

BJ Burlace, who’s father was a fantastic player at the University of Maryland. BJ is committed to Yale, and the senior played great. The defense held the Crusaders scoreless from midway of the second quarter all the way to the midway point in the third.

BJ Burlace

In true senior leader form, Burlace gave credit to his goalie and defense in the postgame interview. “It’s always awesome to start 2–0 in the conference. We came up here and picked up a big win. We just have to keep rollin. We have Loyola on Friday.” Burlace also scored a goal in the victory.

Lilly also dropped a nugget on the local media after the game when he pointed out that sophomore starting goalie Wes Schmidt, who made 10 saves, has only been playing lacrosse since March 1, 2018. You know it’s a good nugget when the entire local media has stunned looks on their faces, including my own.

Lilly told the story of how Schmidt becoming a goalie came about. “Their was an opportunity for us to look for a goalie. I offered it up to the JV team last year. And the young man stepped forward. And I sent my wife to the store and had her buy every piece of goalie gear that they had.”

Right to Left: Schmidt, Krampf, Burlace

St. Mary’s (5–3) — 2. 4. 1. 4. 11

St. Paul’s- 3. 1. 1. 14. 9

St. Mary’s scoring

Ian Krampf — 3G

Allen Hockenberry — 1G, 2A

Garrett Nilsen — 1G, 1A

Scout Ripley — 1G

BJ Burlace- 1G

Nick Lilly — 2G

Gabe Souza — 1G

Zach Dudley — 1G

Pat Dunleavy — 1A

Wes Schmidt — 10 saves

Scores from Around the Area:

Gilman 11, Mount St Joesph 1

Gilman Scoring

#4 Will Godine 3G

#19 Pierce Washburn 2G

#3 Logan Paff 1G

#5 Sam King 1G

#36 Dutch Furlong 1G

#10 Leo Morton 1G

#24 Hank Bethel 1G

#16 Fen Colston 1G

#13 Billy Spilman 1A

#11 James Schloeder 1A

#12 Casey Doyle 1A

Gilman Goal Tending

#0 Noah Klein 3 saves 1 goal against

#42 Duncan Dietrick 0 saves 0 goals against

#9 Essex Thayer 1 saves 0 goals against

MSJ Scoring

#14 Callahan 1G

MSJ Goal Tending

#10 9 saves 7 goals against

#31 4 saves 4 goals against

Calvert Hall 15, John Carroll 2


Daniel Kelly — 3G, 1A

Grant Mitchell — 1G, 3A

Jack Sawyer — 2G, 1A

Cole Herbert — 3A

Justin Mintzer — 2G

Josh Webber — 2G

Connor Mitchell — 1G, 1A

Truitt Sunderland — 1G, 1A

Colin Stewart — 1G, 1A

Sean Kitchen — 1G

Mic Kelly — 1G

Jordan Wray — 1A

Chris Cottone — 1A


Jackson Marshall — 4

Tommy Lubin — 5


Garrett McNulty — 1G

Tyler Smith — 1G


Jake Lott — 13

Jacob Smidt — 2

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