NCAA Coaching staff announced for the Big12 Lacrosse Events Individual Showcase

On June 17, Big12 Lacrosse Events will have the Individual Showcase at Homewood Field on the campus of Johns Hopkins.

The Showcase will be run by Hopkins men’s lacrosse assistant coach Bobby Benson. Benson will also be joined by an impressive group of college coaches that will assist with the clinics and instruction at the event.

The day is broken up with the morning session being a clinic and instruction based. The idea is to get the players familiar with how a college lacrosse program runs their practices and what’s expected of them when they’re college student athletes.

As for the afternoon portion, the players will be split up into teams and there will be games. The college coaches will be able to evaluate the players.

Here’s the press release detailing the event

2019 Big12 Lacrosse Summer

Individual Showcase

Entering its fourth year of operation, the 2019 summer Big12 Individual Showcase will be held on June 14, 2019 at historic Homewood Field at Johns Hopkins University.

The Big12 Invitational format includes morning position specific individual skills work directed by NCAA DI coaches, followed by afternoon showcase games. NCAA coaches interested in evaluating players are invited to attend the morning individuals and the afternoon games.

The 2019 session line up of NCAA coaches directing the individuals and then coaching the showcase games are:


Bobby Benson — Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator — Johns Hopkins University


Bill Dwan — Associate Head Coach — Johns Hopkins University

Dan Cocchi — Assistant Coach, Defensive Coordinator — Rutgers University

Brian Phipps — Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator — Georgetown University

Matt Rewkowski — Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator — University of Delaware

Jamison Koesterer — Assistant Coach — UMBC

The showcase is open to 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019 players interested adding a showcase event to their summer schedule. The combination of the experience playing at historic Homewood Field, being coached by NCAA DI coaches, and then playing in showcase games, coached NCAA coaches, while playing in front of NCAA coaches attending the event, provides a great platform for experience, instruction, and recruiting exposure.

“This event has been a very productive showcase platform since we started the Big12 Individual Showcase 3 years ago. Our goals with this event was to provide players a showcase environment that included skills instruction, and showcase games, a platform NCAA coaches tell us provides them a great evaluation opportunity. So much NCAA recruiting is isolated in watching players play games, although much can be learned during the recruiting process, seeing players approach to an individual practice setting.”, says Kevin Mayer, Executive Director — Big12 Lacrosse events. “In addition to the instructors working the event, we historically get 40–50 NCAA coaches at the event watching the morning and afternoon sessions.”

Registrations are open for 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019 graduation. Limited spots available in each division, hence its important to register before your graduation year division sells out.

To registration for the 2019 Big12 Lacrosse Summer Invitational Individual Showcase please click the registration link below.

2019 Big12 Summer Individual Showcase Registration Link

To learn more about the event click here —

Questions can be forwarded to Kevin Mayer —

About Big12 Lacrosse Events

Big12 Lacrosse Events focuses on maximizing recruiting exposure for players/teams attending by keeping our events small and manageable at a premier venue, providing our participants a player to NCAA coach ratio that delivers robust recruiting exposure.

Large recruiting events with +80 teams provide player to coach ratios in the +25 players to 1 NCAA coach which are unrealistic and limit the coach’s ability to see players on all of the teams attending.

Big12 Lacrosse Events manages our ratios to below 10 NCAA coaches for every player in a venue with fields in close proximity and where coaches can effectively watch teams/players throughout the day/weekend on all teams attending

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