The beauty of the Peace Report Lacrosse Blog All-Area team is we take everybody into consideration and do our research. 

Our All-Area teams show no bias to a certain player or high school. The process is watching games all spring. Noticing players who are producing on the field but also off of it as well.

This years PRLB All-Area team took a lot of time, sleepless nights, boxes of joe and several Red Bull’s to get complete.

We think the 2019 All-Area teams covers the Baltimore-Metro area well. And we made sure to not leave anyone off who was not deserving.

We consulted with coaches around the area and other members of local HS lax media about who they felt would be worthy of this honor.

Piecing together an All-Area team in the top Hotbed of high school lacrosse is quite complicated. There’s are so many gifted and talented student athletes in the metropolitan area. If you’re on the second team or honorable mention, please don’t look at it as a knock on you as a player or person. Everyone on this list is first-team level talent. But we had to divide it up into three groups. 

We want to congratulate everyone who was named to the PRLB All-Area teams. And wish everyone to have a great summer. 
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Jack Sawyer



Jack Sawyer – Senior -Attack- Calvert Hall – Committed to Maryland

Ian Krampf

Ian Krampf -Senior- Attack- St. Mary’s Annapolis – Committed to Johns Hopkins

Jack Koras -Junior- Attack – Loyola Blakefield – Committed to Maryland

Mikie Harmeyer -Junior-Attack- Severna Park – Committed to Virginia


Grant Mitchell

Grant Mitchell -Senior-Midfield- Calvert Hall-Committed to Ohio State

Scout Ripley-Senior- Midfield- St. Mary’s Annapolis

Conner Covey -Junior-Midfield- Westminster – Committed to Marist

BJ Burlace

LSM: BJ Burlace -Senior-D/LSM- St. Mary’s Annapolis – Committed to Yale


Jake Snyder -Senior-Defense – Calvert Hall – Committed to Ohio State

Will Tominovich -Junior-Defense- St. Mary’s Annapolis – Committed to Georgetown

Mason Woodward – Senior- Defense- St. Paul’s – Committed to Marquette

Mason Woodward

GOALIE: Logan Covey – Junior -Goalie- Westminster – Committed to Marist

Logan Covey


Chris Cottone – Senior- Calvert Hall – Committed to Loyola University

Tyler Dunn – Junior- Calvert Hall – Committed to Johns Hopkins



Seth Higgins -Senior-Attack- St. Paul’s – Committed to Loyola University

Garret Nilsen – Senior – Attack – St. Mary’s Annapolis – Committed to Ohio State University

Daniel Kelly – Junior- Attack –  Calvert Hall – North Carolina

Cameron Spencer -Senior – Attack – Boys’ Latin – Committed to Loyola (Basketball)


Cole Herbert – Junior- Midfield – Calvert Hall – Committed to North Carolina

Alex Wicks – Junior – Midfield- St. Mary’s Annapolis – Committed to Maryland

Alex Wicks

Dane Swanson – Junior – Midfield- McDonogh – Committed to Navy

Dane Swanson

LSM: Dave Lamarca -Junior- D/LSM – Loyola Blakefield 

FACEOFF: Zach Dudley – Junior – St. Mary’s Annapolis 


Parker Byrd – Senior – Defense – Calvert Hall – Committed to North Carolina

Blake Gable – Junior – Defense- Boys’ Latin – Committed to North Carolina

Hank Bethel – Senior- Defense – Gilman – Committed to Bucknell


Jackson Marshall – Junior – Goalie- Calvert Hall – Committed to Maryland

Jackson Marshall


Nate Rollins – Junior – FO/M – Archbishop Curley

Noah Persing- Senior – Attack – Bel Air – Committed to Mount St. Mary’s

Cole Erickson – Junior-Attack – Boys’ Latin – Committed to Army (West Point)

Ben Smith -Sophomore – Attack – Boys’ Latin

Connor Mitchell – Senior – Midfield – Calvert Hall – Committed to Ohio State University

Josh Webber – Junior – Midfield – Calvert Hall – Committed to Towson University

Truitt Sunderland -Freshman – Attack – Calvert Hall

Ian Callinan – Senior – Goalie – Catonsville – Committed to York College (Pa.)

Tyler Garfinkel- Junior-Attack/Midfield- Franklin HS – Undecided

Jack Bauer -Senior- Midfield- Friends – Committed to Lynchburg College

Noah Kline – Senior – Goalie – Gilman – Committed to Boston University

William Godine – Senior – Midfield -Gilman – Committed to University of Richmond

Sam King -Junior – Attack – Gilman – Committed to University of Denver

Grafton Griffey – Senior- Midfield – Hereford

Alex Breschi -Senior-Midfield – Loyola Blakefield – Committed to University of North Carolina

Kevin Ellington – Junior- Goalie – Loyola Blakefield

Jackson Bonitz – Junior – Defense – McDonogh – Committed to US Naval Academy

Gable Braun -Senior- F/O – McDonogh – Committed to University of North Carolina

Matt Hilgartner -Senior- Attack- McDonogh – Committed to University of Penn

Liam Powderely –Senior Attack- McDonogh – Committed to University of Virginia (Golf)

Connor Madsen -Senior- Midfield- Patterson Mill – Committed to York College (Pa.)

Miles Crouse – Senior – Attack – Perry Hall – Committed t0 Lynn University

Henry Rentz -Senior- Midfield- Severn – Committed to US Naval Academy

Connor Panebianco – Junior – Midfield- Severna Park – Mercer University

Casey Fox -Junior-Goalie – Severna Park

Troy Barthelme – Senior – Attack – St. Paul’s – Hobart College

Rory Jones -Junior- Attack- St. Paul’s – Committed to Hofstra University

Andrew Milani -Senior-Attack- St. Paul’s – Committed to Towson University

Jamie Grant -Junior- Goalie- St. Paul’s – Committed to Marquette University

Allen Hockenberry -Junior- Midfield – St. Mary’s Annapolis

Wes Schmidt -Sophomore-Goalie – St. Mary’s Annapolis

Nick Lilly -Junior- Attack – St. Mary’s Annapolis

Rory Bateman – Senior – Attack – Towson – Committed to University of Utah

Leighton Bechdel -Senior – Midfield – Towson – Committed to West Virginia (Football)


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