PRLB: Players That Shined from Trilogy Gettysburg Tourney

The Peace Report Lacrosse Blog hit the road on Saturday to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for the Trilogy Lacrosse Tournament at Gettysburg College.

Trilogy always delivers the talented club teams and matches them up together for a full day of excellent games.

There were club teams at Gettysburg College from all over the country. There was teams from Utah, Florida, Ohio, Missouri and many others, looking to have their players compete against other great competition for a chance to be seen by some college coaches who were on hand to recruit. Each team had teams between 2020-2022 graduation years.

We noticed a ton of excellent play from a number of the goalies at this event. Usually the summer recruiting circuit can be tough on goalies with the heat and seeing some high number of shots from excellent shooters. But across the board from 2020-2022 the goalies were pretty good.

Also we noticed the Long-Stick Midfielders from several clubs at all levels were really good as well.

Here’s a list of some of the players that stood out to us.

MJ Cirillo – Wasatch LC (Utah) – D/LSM – 2020

PRLB Review: MJ is a very slick athlete with a ton of upside. Moves well with the ball up field on clears. Also has some relentless checks on defense which caused some turnovers.

MJ Cirillo (Red Helmet)

Luke McCullough – MDX Revolution (Maryland) – D/LSM – 2020

PRLB Review: McCullough can really hustle coast to coast. Excellent Lax I.Q. Gets to ground balls well. And is a good communicator.

Aiden Fonseca – MDX Revolution (Maryland) – Midfield – 2020

PRLB Review: Fonseca does the little things well, gets to ground balls, gets separation, talks well. Aiden had a couple of nice goals. Solid lacrosse player that should be someone to watch the rest of the season.

MDX Revolution 2020 wins tourney championship

Matthew Hendrick – True IN (Indiana) – Goalie – 2021

PRLB Review: Hendrick saw some amazing shots against Team 11 out of Philadelphia. Making some good stops and moving the ball well on the clear. Liked his poise in cage and his ability to move his hands quickly to stop a shot.

Mason Bregman – Team 11 (Pennsylvania) – Attack – 2020

PRLB Review: Team 11 2020 had some studs and Bregman stood out right away. Excellent footwork and smooth dodges to cage. Another player to keep an eye on this season.

Mac Herald – True Ohio 2022 – Goalie – 2022

PRLB Review: Herald stood on his head against the MDX revolution 2022 team. The rising sophomore made some tough stops. And he talks to his defense well and they listen. One of the standout goalies in our opinion from the weekend.

Erik Harrell – MDX Revolution-Elite 2022 – M/FO – 2022

PRLB Review: Harrell was showing off his faceoff wizardry on Saturday. Winning a pivotal draw in a Braveheart against True OH and scooped up the ground ball and scored the game winning goal.

Edward Weber – Velocity Elite (Ohio) – Goalie – 2020

PRLB Review: Weber communicates well. Does a nice job moving around the crease. Hustles to beat out ball going out of bounds.

Zachary Wendling – True Ohio – Midfield – 2022

PRLB Review: Wendling made the All-Star game and it’s easy to see why. The rising sophomore from Archbishop Moeller HS, is very fast, very quick and can shoot the ball with authority. Excellent lax I.Q.

Sam Kleeman – Velocity Elite (Ohio) – Midfield – 2020

PRLB Review: Kleeman is another player to watch this Summer. The middie does a nice job coming off the wing on faceoff. Hustles, very quick, got a nice goal off a faceoff win.

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