Q&A: Texas goalie Carver Skarnulis (Transferred from Marquette to Salisbury)

Awards and Accolades:

2018 Adrenaline All- American 3x All- State Selection (Texas) 3x Anderson Lacrosse Varsity MVP 2x Team Captain THSLL All Time Career Saves Record (834)

PRLB: Do you have any pets?

CS: Dog

PRLB: Favorite Movie?

CS: Dazed and Confused

PRLB: Favorite Song Right Now?

CS: “Only the Good Die Young”- Billie Joel

PRLB: Favorite Quote:

CS: “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet” – Bob Dylan

PRLB: Why did you choose to transfer to Salisbury University ?

CS: Salisbury felt like a place I could grow, this being due to the possibility of doing something great. Salisbury is one of the biggest dynasties in the sport and to attend a university containing such rich lacrosse history excited me. I also got along very well with the coaching staff and coach Berkman is one of the best of his time. The underlying themes of the Salisbury Lacrosse program correlated directly with what I was looking for in a home.

PRLB: How would you describe the recruiting process?

CS: I was recruited to Marquette prior to the implementation of the current September 1st rule. With that said, I was deciding on schools as a freshman. The idea of a 15 year old making a decision of that magnitude baffles me to this day and I was lucky to have found such a great home in that process. I committed fall of my sophomore year and at the time, my recruitment was limited. But, going into my senior year I was contacted by schools in “poaching” efforts, gaining attention from places I never thought I would. This was also the product of early recruiting as a verbal commitment was just that, strictly verbal. Through this I still decided Marquette was the place for me. In the transfer process, I was exposed to a whole new world of the recruitment cycle. The conversations and visits are completely different because you are at an age of new found maturity. This goes without saying but the transfer process is HIGHLY different from the recruitment process I knew and I feel this knowledge is subjective to those exposed to it.

PRLB: Club Team

CS: Stickstar Lacrosse (Texas United/ Dallas Select)

PRLB: Anywhere in the world you’d like to visit?

CS: Africa

PRLB: What kind of sticks do you play with?

CS: Marquette was a strictly STX/Nike School so that’s what Ive stuck with for the past couple of years.

PRLB: What do you want to major in?

CS: Journalism

PRLB: What are your hobbies?

CS: Golf, Writing, and stick stringing

PRLB: What is it like being college player who transfers to a High School lacrosse player ?

CS: Being a high school lacrosse player compared to a college lacrosse player is highly different. Recruits are told this but to what level? In high school, you’re most likely one of if not the best players on your team and internally knowing this provides the confidence needed to succeed. As you transition to a collegiate player, this confidence most likely fades because you are now just a fish in the pond, not a big or a small fish, just a fish. This type of conformity is where the mental game comes into play and the players that find this confidence are the ones who succeed. The transition period is the hardest part of your process and to stand out amongst your teammates comes down to the idea of what you think of yourself, your ability to perform on the field is highly subjective to what you think you can do on the field, regardless of who or what you’re facing. I feel like this goes unnoticed in the transition from high school to college athletics and the culture shock experienced is the epitome of adversity in college freshman.

PRLB: Anybody you would like to Thank?

CS: I want to thank Marquette Lacrosse for giving me the opportunity to learn, grow, and create lasting relationships. Also, to the other coaches that reached out to me in this long process, thank you.

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