Q&A: Thayer Academy (Mass.) M/FO Quinn McConnaughey – Committed to Providence

PL: Do you have any Pets:

QM: Dog

PL: Favorite Movie

QM: Step Brothers

PL: Favorite Song Currently?


PL: Favorite Quote:

QM: Problems aren’t signs. They are Guidelines.

PL: Why did you decide to commit to Providence?

QM: The new facilities and I love the coaching staff.

PL: How would you describe the recruiting process?

QM: Exciting and Interesting.

PL: Club Team:


PRLB: Anywhere in the world you’d like to visit?

QM: China

PL: What kind of sticks do you play with?

QM: STX Duel

PL: What are the goals for your High School team in 2020?

QM: Win the ISL Championship.

PL: What do you want to Major in?

QM: Business.

PL: What are your Hobbies?

QM: Playing Xbox, Working out and hanging with friends.

PL: What’s it like being a High School lacrosse player where your from?

QM: Very fun and you get to meet lots of kids.

PRLB: Anybody you’d like to Thank?

QM: My dad and my lacrosse coach, Ben Rubeor.

By Peace Report Lacrosse Blog

Written and edited by Tom Peace. Peace is a national high school writer. Peace has been in the broadcasting and journalism field for over 15 years.

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