Blog: Trilogy 24

Trilogy 24 will take place in Parkton, Md. July 8-9

Age Level: 2021-2022-2023

The event will feature talent from 13 different club programs.

In the past, the event has been played at Goucher College. But due to COVID-19 the college is closed and Trilogy has moved the event to Genesee Valley Outdoor Learning Center.

Players will have the opportunity to have their games filmed by First Scout.

From the Trilogy website regarding recruiting and game film:

Due to recent COVID-19 NCAA recruiting adjustments, Division 1 and 2 coaches cannot attend this event to recruit. Some Division 3 schools are allowed to attend. We are including Game Film for all players ($1100 value/team) as part of registration.

There won’t be an All-Star game played. But the event will select an All-Star list which we will post here and our social media.

Here’s the event Game Schedule via Tourney Machine.

Check out Trilogy 24 on Tourney Machine!

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