#BridgeFamily #NTxGivingDay

The minutes are ticking by and we are less than 24 hours from North Texas Giving Day. With the creation of our new alumni association, it’s time to let them speak on behalf of Bridge and why you should consider supporting who we are and what we do.

“Where do I start? Bridge was the start of my competitiveness. I played sports at a young age, but middle school was when I began to actually grow a competitive urge. Bridge taught me friendly competition, Bridge taught me the importance of camaraderie. Bridge is important because it grows curiosity, it gives minority children another choice outside of traditional sports. My favorite Bridge memory will always be the summer I went to Boston for the SummerBounce lacrosse camp. It was a life changing experience, and lead to the realization of how much young minority talent there is in the game of lacrosse, while also growing a deeper passion for the sport. Aside from the game, I formed some bonds I still have to this day! Give your kids a chance to explore this amazing program, watch your kids grow and love the game of lacrosse. Bridge isn’t just an organization, it’s a family, it’s a brother/sisterhood, it’s so much bigger than just a sport.” – Roderick McNeely (Eagles 2018, US Navy)

We are working toward our goal of $25,000! We hope you’ll help us get there during North Texas Giving Day. 🔗 in Bio. #bridgefamily #bridgefamilia #ntxgivingday2020

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