PLB Q&A with Joey Terenzi

Manhasset (N.Y.) – ’22 Midfielder – Committed to the University of Virginia


Thank you to my whole family especially my mom and the express organization (Coach Channy, Coach Lynott, Coach Byrnes, Coach Snyder) and my Manhasset Coaches (Coach Crommy, Miller, Armstrong and Fallen)



Five Star Recruit, #3 Recruit, #1 Midfielder in the 2022 class in the nation according to Inside Lacrosse, 3.9 GPA, Nassau County playoff MVP, Scored the game winning goal in county title game.

From IL’s Top 10: “Terenzi’s skillset and body of work were hard to ignore during this process, even with the talented Long Islander missing the last several months after undergoing elbow surgery. He was remarkable as a freshman for the Indians, scoring the double-overtime game-winner against archrival Garden City in the 2019 Nassau County championship, which speaks volumes about Terenzi’s confidence and ability. Among a plethora of heralded ’22 middies to miss the entire summer, when healthy, Terenzi is tough, aggressive and creative with his dodging style, earning him clear No. 1 status at his position.”

Inside Lacrosse

PEACE LAX BLOG: What made you choose this school?

JOEY TERENZI – I got a gut feeling like I just can’t explain.

PLB: How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected you?

JT: It has affected me in a good way. It allowed me to grow and become a better person.

PLB: How would you describe your recruiting process?

JT: Fun with a lot talking but at times confusing.

PLB: Club Program?

JT: Express Lacrosse

PLB: What type of stick do you play with?

JT: A STX 700 with an STX shaft

PLB: Favorite Quotes that You Live By?

“If you want to look good in front of thousands, you have to out work thousands in front of nobody.”

PLB: What do you do for fun?

JT: Watch Movies

PLB: What do you want to be when you grow up? And Why?

colorful cliffside village

JT: I want to get involved with athletes because I love interacting with the athletes

PLB: Once Coronavirus is over where would you like to visit?

JT: Italy because most of my family is over there.

PLB: Favorite Song currently?

JT: Forbidden voices

PLB: Favorite Food

JT: My grandma’s soup

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