PLB Q&A with Adam Blind

Culver Academy (IN) 2022 Goalie – Harvard Commit


My parents and family, Goaliesmith Lacrosse, Culver Academy, Resolute, and all the great clubs and coaches I have been lucky to have worked with.


PEACE LAX BLOG: What made you choose this school?

ADAM BLIND: Coach Byrne is building a promising future for Harvard Lacrosse and the way he recruited me really meant a lot to me. He made me feel very valued, respected my process, and all of our values lined up. It is a place where I can receive a world class education while playing elite lacrosse. By going to Harvard and putting the work in, I feel that I will be set up to thrive in my post collegiate life. Not to mention the amazing alumni network and traditions of Harvard

Awards and Accolades

Ranked #1 goalie / # 7 player by Inside Lacrosse and NLF, 2x Under Armour All American, Maverik Showtime All-Star, Mainstage All-Star, 3x LSN player of the game at Juniors Open, Inside Lacrosse Invitational All-Star, Gvozden Goalie MVP at Juniors open, Dave’s Diamond (most likely to succeed at divisi on one level) at Juniors Open, FCA National

PLB: How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected you?

AB: It took away my spring 2020 season which was really tough, but a positive I was able to seek out from it all was more time being spent at home being able to workout and pick apart my game.

PLB: How would you describe your recruiting process?

AB: Hectic, fast, and humbling. Very grateful for the whole situation.

Club Program

AB: Resolute, Nation United, FCA National

PLB: What kind of stick do you play with?

AB: Warrior

PLB: Favorite Quotes that You Live By?

“If your not first your last”, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

PLB: What do you do for fun?

AB: Golfing, Traveling, Boating

PLB: What do you want to be when you grow up? And Why?

AB: I would really like to work in finance as an investment banker. I feel like I have a solid work ethic and endurance as well as my ability to work well under pressure.

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PLB: Once Coronavirus is over where would you like to visit?

AB: Antarctica

PLB: Favorite Song currently?

AB: Dreams- Fleetwood Mac

PLB: Favorite Food

AB: Bruschetta

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