Erin Whitaker – Wantagh High School (NY) and LaxOn Elite junior Midfielder committed to Winthrop University

PEACE LACROSSE BLOG: What made you decide to commit to Winthrop?

ERIN WHITAKER: The coach, great location, beautiful campus, and an opportunity to compete at the division I level, while receiving a top education.


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PLB: How has the COVID-19 Pandemic affected you?

EW: The pandemic has affected my school life, my athletics, and social life. I’ve had to adapt to switching between remote learning and in school learning in the same week. Things can get lost in the gaps but I think it has taught me to become organized. Sports have changed especially at school. My cross country season had a delayed start and was cancelled within weeks after. I only get to see my teammates in small settings and in certain spaces we have to adjust to playing with a mask on. I see my friends much less than I used to, mainly only on the days my school cohort is in person at school. I’ve learned to use these challenges as motivation to keep climbing to the next level of my own goals and learning to stay positive through it all.

PLB: How would you describe your recruiting process?

EW:I think my recruiting process was very unique due to the year we’ve encountered, and that goes for the rest of my class. I had a short opportunity to play in front of Division I coaches. Not having the exposure made it difficult for them to see my player style, hindering the responses they could give me. While they could not watch me play in person, my team still had a few chances to go to fall tournaments and get game film for highlights. I emailed my schools of interest with highlight videos, full game film and waited, essentially being virtually recruited. I was pretty positive in knowing what I wanted in a school, which helped me narrow down my choices.

PLB: Type of Lacrosse stick you play with!?

EW: Maverick Ascent

PLB: Favorite Quote:

EW: “Everything happens for a reason”

PLB: What does Erin Whitaker like to do do for fun when not playing lacrosse?

EW: Surfing with my cousins, wakeboarding, running/working out, cooking and baking, playing with my dog, hanging out with my friends.

PLB: Where would you like to visit once the pandemic is over?

EW: Universal or San Diego

PLB: Favorite Song Currently?

EW: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

PLB: Favorite Food?

EW: Shrimp tacos


My coaches Vanessa Windsor and Robyn Rooney, my parents and brother, and my friends have been extremely supportive and helpful.

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