Peace Lacrosse Blog is thrilled to announce our partnership with LAX ON. Joining our fantastic family of sponsors, Top of the Bay Lax and Inner Circler Lax. 

Lax On’s Mission is to help you become the best Girl’s Lacrosse Player you can be. 

Windsor (on Right) and Rooney (on Left)

We love the work that Director and Founder Vanessa Windsor and Recruiting Coordinator and Master Coach Robyn Rooney have done in just the past year to grow their brand. Lax On has two other amazing Master Coaches as well in Erica Vitale and Felicia Mills. 

Lax On LLC was founded in 2020 by Vanessa Windsor. After a decade of experience in coaching on all levels, Windsor wanted to offer a unique lacrosse training experience. Lax On is not just a lacrosse company. We are devoted to helping you become an elite lacrosse player at all levels. We believe in not just handing you a lacrosse stick and practicing but developing every aspect of your game.

We develop the player mindset, lacrosse IQ, fundamental skill, and character on and off the field. As a player you have unique talents and at Lax On we want to help you succeed in all areas of your game development. We believe that to become a great lacrosse player it requires the player to have the opportunity to develop in high intensity and game-like situations. Get ready to train like you never have before with high-performance training all year round.  

PLB has enjoyed bringing some outside spotlight onto what LAX ON LLC has been doing during this first half of the year. We’ve helped promote their LAX ON COMBINE series which they’re about to have their third event this month on May 23rd. Here is the Link to Register for the LAX ON COMBINE. 

Peace Lax Blog will also help with selection of the All-Star teams for the Combine and post players highlights on our highlights pages. 

That is not all.. LAXON will also be our new COMMITTED Q&A SPONSOR!! So when we post we post the college committed Q&A’s they will now be powered by LAXON. 

Plus Vanessa Windsor and our very own Tom Peace will come together each week and select the PLAY OF THE WEEK. Where a player can submit an amazing play for us to post and bring attention to for that athlete. 

We have created some space on our main page for LAX ON so make sure to click on the links and read about past Combine’s as well as upcoming events. 

Here is further information about LAX ON  . 

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