LAX ON COMBINE II – Players that Shined

Photo Credit: Tyler Cresser

LAX ON LLC., held their second ever training combine this past Sunday. 

The lacrosse training session offered an array of skills and drills for the 27 players on hand. Players from various club programs (14 to be exact) in the area attended this event. 

Lax On had the first combine event back in February. The event was a hit and the demand from players in the area to have another was high. So Coach Vanessa Windsor (owner/director and master coach of Lax On) & Robyn Rooney (director of recruitment and master coach) found a location with a bigger space at the 360 Sports center. 

LaxON Director of Recruitment and Master Coach – Robyn Rooney congratulates Jordyn Landman ( Photo Credit: Tyler Cresser

The event was Live Streamed via Varsity Media on Youtube. The Lax On Combine brought in a  total 430 number of views. Many of which were college coaches checking out the talent.



Here are the Players Who Impressed from the LAX ON COMBINE II


Amelia Angelo – Midfield – 2022 – Miller Place (N.Y.) – Club: LaxOn Elite – Amelia grasps the game well. Her Lax I.Q. is sharp and she works hard to improve each and every time she steps on a field. If the game is on the line Angelo is the type of player you want taking the ball and the shot for the winning goal.

Amelia Angelo # 34 (Photo credit: Tyler Cresser)

Hailey Chiarelli – Attack – 2022 – Holy Trinity (N.Y.) – Club: Team Elevate: Hailey does a nice job moving the ball. She cradles well up and down the field moving her feet. Shows burst of speed. 

Skylar Goodman – Goalie – 2022 – Kellenberg (N.Y.) – Club: LaxOn Elite: Goodman has quick hands towards the ball. She is a good communicator. 

Jillian Gironda – Attack – 2022 – Ward Melville (N.Y.) – Club: LaxOn Elite: Gironda stands out right away with her athleticism and strength. Isn’t afraid to get physical. Head is always up, looking for the ball or defending well. Jillian had some great defensive plays on Amelia Angelo during the Peace Lax Blog Blue Chip game. 

Morgan Ruggieri – Attack – 2022 – Stony Brook School ( N.Y.) – Club: LaxOn Elite: Morgan is a sharp, energetic player. She does well switching hands while breaking to the goal or on the run.  She did well in the Combine drills. 

Hailey O’Donoghue – Attack – 2022 – St. John the Baptist (N.Y.) – Club: FLG Lacrosse: Hailey scored a beautiful goal during the 5 v5 scrimmage. Hailey does the little things well. 



Emily Berger – Goalie – 2023 – Stony Book (N.Y.) – Club: LaxOn Elite: Berger has a good stance and follows the ball well. Doesn’t get discouraged when scored on. Gives a ton of effort and Emily made some tough saves. 

Emilia Mimi Berkowitz – Attack – 2023 – Lynbrook (N.Y.) – Club: Liberty Lacrosse: Mimi is a threat to score every time she touches the ball. Also a good communicator. Mimi scored a slick goal in the 5 V 5 game. Will keep track on how Berkowitz does this spring season for Lynbrook. 

Abbey D’Elia – Attack – 2023 – St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) – Club: Liberty Lacrosse : Abbey does a good job defending the ball carrier when the opposing team is clearing it out. D’Elia also looked solid during the skills session and even during the speed portion.

Faith Donaghy – Midfield – 2023 – Wantagh (N.Y.) – Club: Team Elevate: Faith has some nifty shots in the cage. Love the way she cradles and switches hands before shooting. Footwork is good. The desire to get better is there. Faith had a sweet goal in the 5 v 5 scrimmage. 

Ava Giugliano #26 ( Photo Credit: Tyler Cresser)

Ava Giugliano – Goalie – 2023 – Hewlett (N.Y.) – Club: LI Empire Green: What stood out to us was how Ava stopped a tough shot and moved it right back down field on the clear. Her jump stop saves are something to see. We were impressed.

Isabella Surace – Midfield – 2023 – Wantagh (N.Y.) – Club: Team Elevate:  Isabella stood out to me right away with her quickness and determination to make things happen when the ball touched her stick. She also displayed she was learning and comprehending what the coaches were instructing. Shows that she is coach-able. 



Kaila Van Cott – Attack – 2024 – Locust Valley (N.Y.) – Yellow Jackets: Van Cott is in great physical shape, good conditioning. Shows wheels up and down the field during the 5 v 5 scrimmage. Scored a nice goal in the scrimmage as well. We will keep tabs on Van Cott during the spring and summer seasons. 

Paige Martin – Defense – 2024 – Wantagh (N.Y.) – LI Top Guns Black: Martin shined during the skills session. She seemed to grasp the drills well. Paige looks to be someone who works on her game away from the field. It showed. Loved how she showed wheels up and down field during the Blue Chip game. 

Photo Credit: Tyler Cresser

Jordyn Landman – Goalie – 2024 – Manhasset (N.Y.) – Team 91: – Landman seemed alert and focused during the entire day. The freshman netminder has quick hands to the shot and sees the field well. 

Lauren Perfetto – Midfield – 2024 – Manhaasset (N.Y) – Club: FLG Lacrosse: Perfetto got better as the event went along. Lauren is also very skilled and does the little things well. 

Kayla Nuccio – Attack – 2024 – St. Anthony’s (N.Y.) – Club: 91 Lacrosse / LI Jesters:  We were very impressed with how Kayla did during the skills portion. She also made some nice plays during the scrimmage. 

Amelia Pirozzi – Midfield – 2024 – Ward Melville (N.Y.) – Club: Team 91: Amelia is a tough strong midfielder. She was picking up on things, and listened well during the combine. We look forward to seeing how she does this season for Ward Melville.

Amanda Sweeney – Midfield – 2024 Eastport South Manor (N.Y.) – Club: Legacy Lacrosse: Sweeney gets after it and does a good job moving her feet to the ball or ball carrier.  Good fundamentals.

Photo Credit: Tyler Cresser


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